Artist Spotlight … Jennifer Smith, founder of Juniper and Rose Studio

Jennifer, an illustrator with lots of experience creating designs for baby & children’s wear, has recently turned her attention to designing for greeting cards. A member of the Creative Card Collective, she tells us more about her foray into the card world and where her inspiration comes from.

Tell us more about who you are and what you do?

I’m Jennifer Smith, founder of Juniper and Rose Studio where I produce designs and Illustrations for Babywear and the Greetings Card Industry.

Jennifer with one of her designs

I have been designing garments and graphics in the fashion industry since 2009 when I graduated with a degree in Illustration.  Baby and Childrenswear are my specialist sectors and I have worked with global brands such as; M&S, M&CO, Asda, Debenhams, Target, Morrisons, BHS, Babyshop and Mini Klub.

I have recently moved into the world of greetings cards and have designed ranges available at Thortful, Cardly and Grappzie.  Themes include children’s age specific birthday cards, relative specific Christmas cards for children and adults, Valentines and Mother’s day cards!

I take inspiration from nature and animals (including my Tabby Cat Jamie!)

Some recent card designs created by Jennifer

How do you like to create, what’s your favourite medium to use and your normal working method?

… I mostly create my designs digitally, predominantly in Adobe Illustrator.  I do sometimes like to get the paints and crayons out too usually for background textures! (Jennifer’s very tidy workspace shown in image)

What trends are you seeing that you are excited about and think will suit your style of work?

I am excited to use more ‘classic blue’ in my designs as it has been selected Pantone of the year 2020.  I think it will be a beautiful shade to add to both boys and girls ranges.

Probably an impossible question, but what is the most favourite card design you have created in recent years?

My favourite card is the first one I designed for my Children’s age range in 2019, which is a little lion wearing a party hat!

One of Jennifer’s most favourite card design creations

Finally what would be your dream card brief / project?

I would love to design children’s cards for all occasions for a major brand

Want to see or know more …

Jennifer is available to work on freelance projects and can be contacted at:

To view further examples of Jennifer’s work visit her website here or pop over to her Instagram page, you can find her on @juniperandrosestudio

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