Artist Spotlight … Cory Reid, illustrator & card designer

Cory, an experienced illustrator & designer, tells us about the “awesome adventure” he is having since taking the plunge to go freelance and how he likes to keep an eye on character trends.

Tell us more about who you are and what you do?

I’m an illustrator and designer who has been working in the creative industry for over over 15 years now. Much of this has been spent in-house for a large greeting card publisher. For the last year I have built on this experience and am now embracing the freelance world full time! This has definitely been hard work, but an awesome adventure. So far some really exciting projects and clients have opened up, including my first published children’s book!

Cory Reid

I love working with bright colours and especially characters. As a lover of puns, if there’s a chance to get these into any of my work, I will 🙂

How do you like to create, what’s your favourite medium to use and your normal working method?

I’m traditional at heart and will still always reach for a pencil and sketchbook before starting the finished piece. I do love painting but have generally moved to working fully digitally now, after the sketch phase. I still try to keep a hand drawn look to my work and will always try to get as many textures in as I can.

Work in progress on Cory’s Mac

What trends are you seeing that you are excited about and think will suit your style of work?

I tend to be more character focussed, so trends in characters is one of the areas I look at the most. From what I can see, Llamas and Unicorns are still popular, along with jungle themed animals (Leopards, Toucans, Sloths, Flamingos). You can also never go wrong with cats and dogs for more general sends 🙂

Probably an impossible question, but what is the most favourite card design you have created in recent years?

Speaking of dogs, one of my favourite designs of late is the Daughter and Son-in-Law design displayed. I love keeping my designs simple and clean and this was one of those projects where the image in my head pretty much ended up as the final product.

Finally what would be your dream card brief / project?

I really love so many of the designs used by Oliver Bonas and think the chance to produce a design for them would feel like an amazing project. 

Want to see or know more …

Cory is available for freelance commissions, he can be contacted on

Want to view more examples of Cory’s work, then take a look at his Instagram page

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