Artist Spotlight … Kellie Semmelrock, graphic designer and owner of Grateful Paperie

The advice from all the business gurus these days, when starting a new venture, is to nail your niche; the point at which the things you love to do, the things you’re good at and the things people actually want all overlap. Well, graphic designer, Kellie Semmelrock has certainly found her niche not just creating greeting cards but specifically thank you greeting cards. Traditional card publishers wouldn’t be able to survive creating cards for just one occasion category but, at the time of writing this during the global COVID19 pandemic, populations around the World have found a new sense of gratitude and possibly a need for more specific thank you cards. So maybe Kellie’s niche isn’t as niche as it seems.

A selection of Kellie’s card designs

Tell us more about who you are and what you do?

I’m Kellie and I own Grateful Paperie! I’m a graphic designer living in Connecticut with my husband, son, 2 beagles, and another son arriving this June! I design greeting cards for saying thank you everyday to the people you love the most. All of my cards are thank you cards for little moments that usually only have a verbal thank you tied to them. 

Kellie Semmelrock
Above a snapshot from Kellie’s Grateful Paperie website, explaining her philosophy

How do you like to create, what’s your favourite medium to use and your normal working method?

I work full time and design my cards in my very limited free time (mostly during nap time). I draw all of my artwork using Micron pens and paper I’ve tried going digital with a Wacom tablet but I just like the feel of pen and paper so much more. I then scan everything into my Mac desktop and colorise it with Adobe Illustrator. I like having the control with adding colours digitally and being able to keep the same colour palette for each range of cards.

What design trends are you seeing that you are excited about and think suit your style of work?

I really like design trends that are leaning towards letterpress printing. I think my current designs would translate well into letterpress. I recently acquired an old Golding Pearl Printing Press and plan on trying to print some cards with it!

Probably an impossible question, but what is the most favourite card design you have created in recent years?

One of my favourite cards is my “Thank you for watching the dog while we were away” card. I like the dog resting on his throne, as most do, and I like that it’s a situation you don’t often see in cards!

Want to see or know more …

Kellie’s cards are available to purchase on her Grateful Paperie website. You can also find Kellie on Instagram and Facebook

Kellie is also available for commissions and licensing opportunities and can be contacted on: –

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